Dust Bath

Here’s a shot I got of a male CA quail taking a dust bath that suggests “drought” which we were in at the time here in CA.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything? Cropping?

Technical Details

D500, Nikon 200-500 lens, f 8.0, hand held, 1/1000th, 1050mm, ISO 4000.

Ha! This is a nice “inside baseball” kind of shot, meaning something we don’t often get to see, but that goes on and is a normal part of life for the bird. Good ground level view, too - so important with these guys. The light works well to show the dust flying, but I do wish the angle/positioning was a tad lower to get the bird’s head in silhouette against the green. Sometimes not easy or even possible, but maybe worth trying. Also wonder if you had a stab at darkening the bright sticks/roots, that will help keep our eyes on the action. I might also play with adding some texture or clarity to the bird and opening up the exposure on the face, especially the eye. Contrast looks good and dusty so I wouldn’t crank that more. What a lovely encounter you had. I’ve never photographed these guys well so I’m envious!

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Hi Dave,

This adds new meaning to “Quail Hollow” for me, we have a golf club nearby called…you guessed it… “Quail Hollow”.

Seriously though, this is a fine image with a really good perspective being low to the ground like that.
Like Kris said, the light worked in your favor in showing off that dust cloud and the hole it’s digging.

I agree with Kris about bringing up the exposure a little more on the head and toning down the stick and root?

I think your crop looks good as is.

f8 with your rig worked well at starting to go OOF at the ridge of the dirt.

Very nice image! :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks. This is what I like: getting helpful suggestions on things and especially things I did not think of. I will play with it and maybe post it if it changes it up for the better, and I’m thinking it will. Side note: his girlfriend was right behind him dusting away too. You just can’t see her for the cloud.

How’s this? I DO like it better.

Hi Dave,

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The rework looks great! :slight_smile:

The bright spots aren’t as distracting as they were and the exposure on his head looks good, and the exposure bump better defined the plume on his head.

I still like the story of this fellow having a dust bath and digging a hole at the same time, it’s a neat behavior we don’t often see, let alone capture.

Well done!