Dynamic Trio

A slight diversion from my Dynamic Duo series. Loved this trio welcoming the dawn with a small dusting of dew. All comments welcome. >=))>

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Minolta 200mm macro
ISO 400, 1/50 @ f16

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Wow the light alone would have been worth the shot, but the dew! Nice job. I could see playing with some judicious brush work to bring up the light in parts of the left flower where it’s coming through. Also maybe darkening the leaf in the center of the flowers in the background. It would highlight the bracts under the flowers. (See there with my flower tech talk? Bracts indeed.)

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This is really well done, Bill. Quite a beautiful trio. Getting micro nitty, I would somehow make the dark previously trimmed stem somehow disappear (maybe extend it and have the tip “covered” by that leaf?). Very nice!

Gorgeous roses! I love the subtle color changes they go through as they open and fade. I had a try at some tonal tweaks, brightening the center of the left flower and darkening the lower center area – using large soft brushes to make two quick masks and then curves to lighten and darken the areas. Also repaired the cut stem and darkened two minor areas, in the LR and the bright bract in the center.


That’s it, Diane! You’ve dialed it in perfectly!

Thanks, @Kris_Smith – but now it feels like the central flower needs a bit of a tweak…

On my phone it looks good but I can check it on the laptop later.

Bill, you do roses really well, just beautiful and the final tweaks adds more to them.