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Nikon D5200 with Tamron 70-200 mm lens; 75 mm, f/5,6, ISO 100, 1/10 s

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Griffin, welcome to NPN. This is an very interesting look at this tree fading into the fog. My personal feeling is that I’d like a bit more darkness in the tree, but that’s an artistic choice. I also think that you could crop this to 4x5, leaving out the extra white space at the top without changing the “story” of the image. The posting guidelines ask that you limit the long axis of a post to between 1500 and 2000 pixels.

Thanks for this feedback Mark! I agree it would still work well as a 4x5 crop. I tend to like the faintness of the tree caused by the mist, but take your point about having it be a bit darker. Thanks for the note about the posting guidelines - will definitely note going forward.

I like this as well as the first one you posted, Griffin. An excellent use of the fog and I really like the exposure you chose. Beautiful image.

Thanks Dennis! Again, appreciate your feedback!