Eva's Tiers +rework

or Eva’s Tears? Play on words, but either one holds meaning. Although a bit redundant with these falls… I thought I would post my closer up version. Here I’m pretty much focused in on the 3 tiers of these falls as well as the surrounding granite. This really is a beautiful location and difficult to resist no capturing yet another photo…

Two versions here. B&W I think really simplifies this in the shapes, forms and flow. I struggled processing the color version; but with b&w, it’s a simpler matter of just balancing tones and contrasts.

As always, your comments and suggestions always welcome!

Processed different frame; double processed in RAW - one for warmer WB in rock, a second to retain cooler WB in water. blended.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

Processing for both, but especially the color version.

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Do you like the tight view? Or would you prefer to see the water hitting the pool at the bottom?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Nikon D800E, 28-300mm @90mm, f/16 1/8th iso 100.

Or Eva Peron’s Tears. As in Don’t Cry Over Me Argentina? That’s a film worth watching again.

Even though there is little color in that version I think I prefer it to the b&w. A couple of minor suggestions. 1. A rolling screen crop suggests that an upper crop ending at the bottom of the triangle in the urc may help the comp a tad. 2. I would use the ACR text slider on the granite.

BTW. My suggestions on your sunlit tree in your last image may not have been good (i,e, I changed my mind).

While the B&W does work–I like the tones and the separation, I think color is the way to go.

If I recall correctly, there was a slight warm glow to the granite here. This looks a bit more neutral. The contrast looks good, and the water has very nice tonal separation. If it’s any comfort, Lon, I have struggled with processing images from this spot for years.

Given your goal here, I think the tight view works. I might have been inclined to include just a bit more of the lower cascade.

Lon, this one is easy for me, it’s all about the composition. So, both work exceptionally well. The 3 tiers or cascades in this closeup version is excellent IMO…:+1:
The only slight change for me is the brightness (glare) being too high. But, that is personal tastes and no nit at all…:thinking:

Thanks for the comments so far @Igor_Doncov, @Preston_Birdwell and @Paul_Breitkreuz.

I’ve added a completely new and processed from scratch. Same comp, position and I think even same shutter speed, just a different frame. In ACR I warmed the WB to 6500 and my usual ACR settings then opened as an Object. I processed again in ACR with a cooler WB and then combine the two versions separating the warmer rock and cooler water. I think a significant shift from the original color post. Hope I didn’t go too far? Thanks Preston, I think you are right about the color balance.

I cropped the top a little and did a CA-clone in the URC. I agree the corner was mildly distracting, but I didn’t want to crunch the space above the upper waterfall (as small as it was anyway.)

Thanks for the comment Paul. Could you clarify a bit? brightness in the water, rock and which one color or b&w or both?

Igor, thanks for the crop suggestion. Gotta ask though, what’s an “ACR text slider”??? Are you talking about the signature? Typo or is there something new I need to learn in ACR? Confused in Livermore.

Thanks gents!


I meant the texture slider instead of text. Sorry if that was confusing.

Both look good, but I prefer the B&W. It brings out the more graphic elements of the composition for me. On the B&W, I would consider bringing in the black and white points a bit and creating more contrast. Overall, it looks a little too much gray to my eye.

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Thanks for the clarification Igor! Makes sense now - especially the fact that I’m still on CC2017 - No wonder I can’t find the “texture slider!” Perhaps a good incentive to get on 2019…

No worries, the confusion was all mine…

Lon, I should be a bit more clear or specific when I suggest things. I did not have time to download and make changes on the point I suggested. It almost looks like you could try using the Gamma to bring the glare down slightly. I find just a couple points help on that item. Also, as another thought the Polarizer filter in NIK helps with that glare look too.
Then again, it might all be my own issue and no adjustment on that front is even needed…:cowboy_hat_face:

btw: I just saw your re-posted color version. That is more to my liking overall. It looks much better…:sunglasses:


Given just the two first images, I would have gone with the B&W. Granite almost calls for B&W. But your third rendition has my vote. I like warm photos almost always over cooler toned photos. I think they tend to be more inviting. I don’t see the glare that @Paul_Breitkreuz is talking about. I think the third version is ready for print, if you are happy with the composition. I think it works as is. If I was going to wish for anything, I would like more of the top tier to show, but then again I have never been to those falls before so it might not have been possible. I don’t think it needs any cropping.


@Youssef_Ismail, my point on the glare or maybe better word of intensity I saw in the first images was much improved or eliminated in Lon’s repost. For me it is or was all the white intensity glaring back. Although at times my explanations are not always too clear depending upon my coffee intake prior to commenting…:cowboy_hat_face:


Decisions, decisions, decisions. Hard to choose a favorite because I like the tones in the B&W so much, but I am going to give the nod to the color repost. I really like the slightly warmer tones of the granite as they contrast rather nicely with the cooler tones of the water. Just a little more room at the bottom would be nice, but it certainly is not a deal breaker by any means. I also like the fact that in each section of falls the drop is longer than the prior one. Beautifully done.

The warmer rework works for me, and shows the light as I remember it. Nicely done!

Lon, a tough call for me since both are very nice. If I had to choose only 1 (do I?) I would go with the warmer reworked color version. The tones and textures are are just a bit more pleasing than the B&W for me.
Nicely done!

Both color and B&W are very good - I still prefer the B&W version for this waterfall. Of the color ones, version 2 (the repost) works better for my taste. Maybe, maybe… I feel the need for a little more space on the sides… Not much, just a bot the make the water breath…

Hi Lon - Both B&W and color are very nice but my preference is the B&W. Between the color versions I like the second version with the warmer color rocks.

This is a neat (and fun to view) comparison, Lon. The b&w version looks very good and is nicely dramatic. It shows off the falling water well but keeps it in context. Then, I scrolled through to see the other versions… I’ll vote for #3, the shine in the water works beautifully with the glow (and very subtle warmth) in the rocks. Posting all three together works very well, because I can go to the larger view and “page” through all three for an even better comparison. The display of how dramatic subtle changes can be is terrific.

I’m with @Youssef_Ismail on this one. Normally I’d see this subject/scene and say B&W all the way, but there is just something about the third version that calls to me, perhaps its the slight warm/cool contrast of rocks vs. water that wins for me. The warm tones in the rocks of the 3rd version are just perfect in my book. As usual your composition is flawless as well too :grinning:

3 for me Lon! I liked the b&w best until I scrolled to the third image and that got my vote. Really nice work on that.