Evening in the Trees, Porter Creek Road

This is from 2009, re-discovered in the latest deleting binge. Late afternoon light in some trees on our property. (There are fewer trees now, thanks to drought and fire.)

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon 5D2, 300mm f/2.8, 0.3 sec at f/13, ISO 100, probably on a tripod. The raw file was re-processed in the new LR version (the original was Version 1 – remember that?) but it made no difference in appearance. Made a slight tweak to Vibrance, otherwise no slider moves at all. In PS, just an extremely tiny crop from the left and softened the top to better match the bottom. Didn’t even bother to denosie.


Diane, The cool blue and green colours work well with vibrant yellows. It’s nice that you were able to catch enough detail in the trunks. I love the side light on there as well. I would bring down the highlights at the top with a grad filter. I’m inspired to go try some of these this evening.

Ooh, love the colors. The side light on trees using ICM makes for lovely 3-dimensionality.


I absolutely LOVE this! This is embodies so much of what I’ve come to so enjoy with the endless possibilities of the intentional movements. The colors captured - or I think more accurately, “extracted” from ordinary scenes - is sometimes mind boggling.

The colors, from the yellows (even some greens) thru to the blues on the right and the various earth tones in the middle… all framed beautifully by the softer, almost pastels, of the top and bottom are just making a beautifully framed ICM image.

No suggestions. Just enjoyment - and wish it were mine!


Really well done, Diane. It’s almost as though it has a oval light frame around it like early photographs. But I think it’s the sharp lines of that central tree that holds this together and gives it structure.

Diane, this is a beautiful image full of vibrancy and energy! The colors and light are just fantastic. I have no suggestions to add other than to maybe crop in a bit on the right so the dark spot (a tree?) is not right against the edge of the frame.

Beautiful colors, patterns, textures, and movement. Well seen and composed!

Diane, this is terrific. Perfect as is.

Really beautiful colors and light, Diane. The blur is nice. Believe it or not, I see a chandelier!