Fall on the Yellowstone

Fall colors in the cottonwoods reflected in the Yellowstone River. I was attracted to the mix of abstract and real. (R5, 24-105 @ 64, f/16, 1/40 s, iso 400, tripod and polarizer)

Great warm and cool color separation here. I can’t say that I love the log sticking out of the water but that may be based more on my personal taste rather than actually being detrimental to the composition. What I will say is that if this scene is about the log (it’s the subject) then it’s working. If not then yes, it is distracting and takes away from the rest of the scene.

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Mark, for me it’s about the mood over any debate on the log being an issue or not. Not sure if the log was removed if the scene would hold the same impact. Regardless, for me it just brings on a peaceful feeling… :sunglasses:

I love the abstract and real in your image Mark. I think the branch adds some realism. The reflection and golden color is very painterly and beautiful.

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I love the contrasts between the tree reflections, the soft ripples, and the rocks on the bottom. Just gorgeous! That branch doesn’t bother me - it’s part of the scene. Sure, it spoils the “perfection” of the reflections/ripples/rocks, but so what? Perfection is over-rated, nature is not perfect, and all that.

I agree w/ Eric here… if you were to zoom in on the upper left part of the scene and preserve the warm/cool (which is the best part of the photo), and exclude the log, it would really make the image sing, IMO.

I agree with Matt and Eric here. If you crop out the log and everything to its right the image is improved. It becomes simpler, more succinct. But I also like the image as is though. They’re really two different images.

Beautiful image, and when I first saw it, my eye went right to the bright log and zoomed in trying to figure out what it was - I thought it was a bird/heron. I think removing the log would make a more impactful image or maybe darken the log a bit. With or without the log, the reflections are great!