February at the Northern Norway

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Very cold and strong wind in February in northern Norway

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Technical Details

f8 / 6sec / iso 200 / nd64

Jorma, what an amazing location. Thank you for braving the cold and wind to capture this beautiiful scene. The long exposure works for the surf. What is the main attraction that you would like us to notice? The immediate foreground of rocks almost stands on its own because of the texture and color. The light rocks to the right of the picture also demand attention. The pink clouds and rays of light in the sky with just a bit of the ocean would stand alone as a panorama shot. Maybe cropping in to eliminate some of the competing elements would simplify and focous on what you saw as the reason for taking the picture in this spot. Please know that is just one way of looking at this wonderful location.

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Yes, your image has many competing elements. but I like exploring the composition as it is. For me, it is such a refreshingly different coastal scene. However, on my monitor, I feel the blue is a bit too intense.

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WOW! I love everything here and the long exposure brings out magic! The shapes, textures (from natural coarseness to silky smooth) and gorgeous colors work together so well! The hint of the smooth horizon is located so well in the composition and separates the very interesting sky nicely. I am fascinated by what appears at first to be sunbeams, but there is no sun so it must be spray. Wonderful!

I’m hesitant to say it, and hope it is taken as intended – as a huge complement: But my overall impression is that CGI/AI couldn’t have done it better!

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This is an intriguing photo as it puzzles me. I am familiar with winter coastlines of Oregon and northern California, so my comments may not reflect what is seen in far northern latitudes.
I find the lighting confusing: foreground is tack sharp and appears to have soft overhead lighting. The rocks on the right go from a well lit tan color to almost black. The transition is unnatural. The rays of light in the sky appear to converge on the horizon above the waterfall but the lighting on the clouds to the right is not consistent with the direction of the rays.
Overall, the composition is pleasing but the combination of foreground lighting, the tan rocks on the right and the light rays leave me scratching my head.

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Thanks guys for the nice comments. Kent, this area of northern Norway is a special geological area where the colors of the rocks vary like in Badlands. Here we are at the same latitude as northern Alaska, and in February the sun is still below the horizon at noon. The light can be so special that a first-time traveler walks with her eyes focused on the sky in complete silence
Diane, those bright rays of light are special because the light comes from behind. They are in every picture and even in my friend’s pictures

Wow! A very different world from what I experience. Thanks for the thoughtful explanation.

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