Fern Quest + Reposts

Have been out photographing ferns and moss larger landscapes. Found this one close to home, literally…in my landscaping. I thought the geometries juxtaposed were interesting.

Specific Feedback Requested

composition and processing

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
70mm f/20, 1/30 sec, iso 200

The composition is so intriguing. The background leaf is perfect to show off the texture in the fern. The radiating lines with the almost whirlpool effect in the LLC is so striking. If you were going for a darker, more mysterious look, you’ve achieved it. If not you could try lifting the exposure a bit and finding some lighter parts of the image to bring up. Sometimes fiddling with the color sliders in the B&W panel will do it, sometimes the overall white balance will bring that up as well. It depends on the gray values of each color tone. So many monochrome images don’t show light well, but this one does. Terrific work.

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A striking juxtaposition with lovely silver tonalities in the ferns. There is a lovely rhythm, but for me, something feels a bit static about it. Since it is available to you, I wonder what if the top right piece of fern wasn’t there, just leaving the three with more of the BG leaf visible. And possibly move the ferns down a bit relative to the leaf? It’s a wonderful find!

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Thank you @Kris_Smith and @Diane_Miller for your time and comments. Not a usual poster in this genre. Kris I did bring up the exposure a notch and yes I tend toward a dramatic look in my B/W images. Diane funny about your suggestion as the uncropped version did exactlyas you suggested. I thought it took too much attention away from the ferns. I reworked this as below. Curious what you both think about this version.

I like it and think it steps closer to what makes a good monochrome image - good lines & composition as well as a real black and white range of tones. You could consider cloning out a little white stripe in the URC and the little white arc in the left edge - either by crop or healing brush, whichever works best. I love the swirling shadows beneath…don’t change a thing except possibly bring down the light area in the center. Oooh this is shaping up nicely.

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I think this is the one.

Yes, I think it is. Now I’m getting into the real nit-picky bits - what about that dark shadow from the top fern? Hm…

A really good find and close to home. Nice progression and I do like the last one the best.

THank you David. Kris @Kris_Smith here it iswith content aware removal of the shadow

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Wow…that came together in such a superb way. Really top notch. I’d print it.

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Gorgeous! If this subject is still available I’d spend some time with it – I’m betting there are other gems to be found there!

Mario: I’m late to this party but your final iteration is really good. Well seen, composed, captured and processed. :+1: :+1:>=))>
PS: I edited your title to reflect the reposts. It’s always a good idea to do so in order that others will know to revisit the image.

@David_Leroy @Bill_Fach thank you for your comments and the edits Bill.