Ferns on Oak - Horizontal

Central Florida where the oak trees are strong and home to ferns. Not my typical work but I fell in love with this tree and it’s beautiful ferns.

What technical feedback w ould you like if any?

Any and all feedback welcomed.

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any and all input welcomed.

Any pertinent technical details: ISO 400, F8.0, 1/160 shutter speed, 40mm Canon lens, Canon 6D Mark II camera

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

Noel: Welcome to NPN in general and to Flora in particular. A somewhat chaotic scene but one that I find compelling nonetheless. Well seen and captured. Looking forward to more of your work.>=))>

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I like the subject and the pattern of the branches, Noel. The steep angle doesn’t help show off the ferns much, but it does show off the pattern of branches nicely and you placed the ferns nicely in the frame. The white sky is a tough one, but very difficult to avoid. I’ve been trying for years for a good shot of the fern covered Bigleaf Maples in our area and haven’t gotten anything I really like yet. This gives me some ideas for directions to go in.

FYI, this is Resurrection Fern, an amazing plant. It is an epiphyte rather than a parasite. It receives only support, not nutrients, from the oak limbs on which it lives. During extreme drought it can lose as much as 85% of its stored water and still recover. Most plants and animals will die after as little as a 15% loss of water!

One of my favorite plants on one of my favorite trees. The sky is the only weak part of this image. My only suggestion is a step ladder .

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Hi Dennis,

I fell in love with this tree and the ferns on it. I had only seen this in pictures until this weekend. The sky was not white as I removed all color except for the green of the ferns. I was simply playing around to see what I would get. I also took a couple of vertical shots that I like very much.

Thanks for your comment and keep looking for the perfect fern cover tree.


Hi Phil and thanks for your info the ferns. Very interesting indeed. I purposely removed the color of the sky as to create a more artistic image. Not sure if this helped the picture or not. Just playing around with some ideas.