Field of Dreams

This image of the underside of a mushroom reminded me a bit of photos I have seen of the braided rivers in Iceland.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback welcomed.

Technical Details Focus stack of 14 images, f 11, ISO 100, 1/13sec, 105mm prime, natural light


Amazing! I love the shapes and colors and would never have guessed what it is.

Thank you, Diane. It was a lot of fun working on this image. I had to desaturate some of the colors, as they were quite intense :slight_smile:

I love this - including the title. I’d love to know the technical details too, but that’s just my curiosity!

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Outstanding colors and movement, J Fritz.

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The colours, textures, line, and composition all add up to a truly riveting abstract. Well seen and executed.

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Gorgeous! Thanks. Can you give us some of the technical details too?

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Though I figured it not to be the typical waves or Icelandic rivers, I would have never guessed it was the underside of a mushroom. To think we pass by them so often while walking in parks or through the woods, yet rarely do we wonder how the undersides of them look. This is an absolutely wonderful photograph, J. Congratulations on capturing something so interesting, in a way which others have rarely thought about.

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Thank you all. Had a lot of fun working on this one. Mike, John; I just included the technical details above. Cody_Schultz, thank you. Yes, we tend to ignore and/or not see so much of this planets small treasures.


Wow, this is fabulous! It looks like waves emanating from the sun. I don’t know if you fiddled with the colors, but either way, they’re wonderful, too.

This is so true!

So cool, especially since the abstract qualities keep us guessing as to the subject. The colors are fantastic.

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Fantastic image! My first impression was also, “a nice braided river aerial from Iceland”.

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Glad you like the image. In the last year I have gotten more into the intimate scenes… a huge eye opener to how much we miss. As for colors, in real life the mushroom was almost too colorful; had to desaturate a couple of colors, as they were looking fake. More than likely this was not an edible mushroom, but certainly a feast for the eyes :slight_smile:

thank you, Bill. glad you saw the “braided rivers” as well.

This is such a fantastic photograph, Fritz. The subject is intriguing and mysterious, and I love the mix of colors. I certainly would not have guessed “mushroom” without you saying so. Well done!

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Stunning image with unsurpassed detail and color.

This is sensational. Never, ever would I have guessed that this what the underside of a mushroom. The colors and tones are spot on. Talk about leading lines. Whoa. Absolutely otherworldly. What kind of a mushroom is this? Thanks for sharing this amazing find.

Thank you, Sarah. That means a lot!

Thank you, David. Actually, I am fairly new to mushrooms. This was one from my second foraging outing. I am fairly certain that it was not edible, but it certainly is a feast to the eyes. Some of the colors were desaturated, as the oiginal colors were incredibly intense!

Thank you, David!