Field of Lost Dreams

This is an old homestead property that was abandoned in the 1930’s after a massive fire wiped-out many of the homes in the area. This field is slowly returning to nature. This close-up is pretty messy, but I find it grows on me after a while.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any cc is welcome. I am always trying to show the beauty in my northern Ontario wilderness, without hiding the fact that in the end, it is pretty messy and random (and lacking in the grand vistas).

Technical Details

Canon 6D MKII, 6240x4160
50mm lens, 1/50 sec, f 4.0, ISO 100
Minimal processing to increase saturation

What seems to be an ordinary scene, but well worth a close look. A very nice DOF with lovely light on the subdued BG adding to the story. I love the grays and golds! The delicate grasses in the FG are wonderful!

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Thanks for the feedback, Diane. I’m trying to show the beauty in the messy lately, and it’s not always clear to me if I hit the mark or not.

Nice shot. I like the layers. I love these messy scenes - I’m experimenting with a few myself that I hope to post soon for feedback - they are tricky but so much to look at. I wonder if you can do some masking on the sky and pull out some colour or just balance the brightness and maybe some selective dodging and playing with saturation/hue on some of the fore and midground to pull out colours and draw they eye through. But I wouldn’t want to lose the mistiness which gives this photo is character. Nice shot.

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Charles, thanks for the comments. I’m going to keep playing with this picture, especially the sky as you point out. I

Hi Warren. This is very nice. It might be messy but i think it balances well. The leaf on the left really holds it together and balances out the right side. Lots of interesting things to draw the eye, the frost on the grass and the background with its hint of golden hour.

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Thanks for the feedback Cameron. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one who likes it. :wink: I do find the sky a bit blown-out, but I’m happy with the bulk of it.

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I suppose you could crop out a bit of the top and still maintain the overall feel of the photo.

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