Fire In The Sky

Badwater Basin, literally bad water…
Technical Details: Canon 5D IV, EF 11-24mm at 21mm, 1/10 sec, f16, ISO 200
Is this a composite: No

You found it clean! (I’m jealous! The last two times I was there the water had been REALLY bad.) I love the wide angle view of the FG and the reflection of the pre-sunrise clouds. Gorgeous colors and tonalities.

Beautiful image, Keith. I really like the angle and the sky and it’s reflection are awesome.

I really enjoy the curves in the clouds and the subtle reflection of them

Love the cloud formations, Keith, and the reflection in the water. This place doesn’t look like it should be called “Badwater” Basin, it is beautiful. Nicely seen and captured>

Thank you @Diane_Miller @Dennis_Plank @linda_mellor @KenHebert ! Looking back on that evening, I wish I had taken the time to grab some close up photos of just the sky reflecting in the salt pans. I am still working on my “small scenes” recognition by my pea brain! :face_with_monocle:

Keith, the blue/red color combo and the big sweep in both the sky and the land look great!