Flies mating on Dogwood

I assume this is some sort of fly, but have no idea what kind. I was photographing Western Dogwood last week after a light rain, doing focus stacks. I saw this fly on a blossom and tried several compositions of the whole bloom, but kept coming in closer, afraid I would disturb it, which I finally did. When I looked at the most closeup image at 100% I was delighted at the detail – the full frame was about the middle 50% of the flower. I kept cropping in further in PS and finally quit here – this is 16% of the original frame. I’m posting that at full size. Not the most interesting setting but this is where he/she/it was.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments welcome!

Technical Details

Canon R5, Canon EF 100mm macro with adapter. ISO 1600, f/6.3, 1/125 sec, remote release. This was from a stack but I didn’t record how many were used to get sharpness across the frame. For this crop I wouldn’t have need many. Very little tonal work done in LR, then into PS for Topaz denoise and a touch of Nik Detail Extractor. No sharpening beyond the Denoise default. I used the Severe Noise setting because Low Light made the fly look too plastic. Severe Noise is less aggressive, even when the noise isn’t severe, as was the case here.


Diane, I’m sorry I didn’t get to this last night. I was tired and told myself I would view it this morning, but I have been rather busy.

Amazing details, knowing the size of a dogwood bloom, and his size in comparison, one can tell he isn’t very big. But to be able to crop down to 16% and have this much detail really speaks for the R5 and your talent.

Yes, I think it is some kind of a fly, but I also do not know what kind. I like the composition as well. Very pleasing.

Outstanding capture, Diane.

Thanks, @Shirley_Freeman and @linda_mellor! Shirley, for goodness’ sake, don’t apologize for being busy!!! I regularly get too far behind here to ever catch up. I haven’t had time to process a few other views that show the whole flower, which I think will have more appeal. Soon…


Diane: I’m late to this party as well but what a fine capture of an interesting subject. Perfect focus and DOF for the fly and really good plane of focus management. Most excellent. >=))>

Wow, the little dew drops on the fly are awesome. Too cool. I missed this one too, because of the notification fiasco I did to myself. Amazing image, Diane.

Thanks everyone, and thanks @Shirley_Freeman for the EP!! I’ve gotten behind here with some computer issues – never should have downloaded the latest Apple OS!! It has messed up my graphics performance with screen resolution changing on its own uncontrollably, with the newest MacBook Pro M1 Pro laptop using an external monitor – go figure!! It just changed to 500% in the middle of the last sentence! Also got a replacement RAID storage for my Drobo that has a hardware issue. It should be replaced this coming week. I’ll be back when I can!!

Sorry to hear of your computer troubles, Diane. I haven’t upgraded to Windows 11 for the very same reason, I expect problems. I figure I will wait till they resolved all of them before making that move. New isn’t always better. Hope you get it worked out soon.

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Wow–2 flies mating and everyone thought there was only a single fly. Wonderful photo and I think that the comp is perfect. Well done…Jim

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@Jim_Zablotny – SO DID I!!! NOW I see the smaller one – I thought it was just the coloration pattern of the bigger one, along with a few funky pixels!

Title needs updating lol! Well spotted Jim. I love it when the female munches away (or drinks) while the male is busy! Wonderful sharpness, Diane.

Wow, I missed it too! I had to go back and look close, now I see both heads.