Flight of light fancy

We had a hard freeze last night so I went looking for Icestracts. At one (and only one) location the birefringence was quite strong and the pattern in the ice was nice. This is a 5 shot stack for sharpness, with the polarizer rotated for maximum effect. (5D3, 100-400 @ 148, 1/10 s, f/11, iso 200, tripod, mirror, lock-up, 2 sec timer, polarizer)


Wow, Mark. Love the colors and the flow of the lines. There is a lot of rhythm going on here, almost feels like a song. Amazing “icestract!”

Mark, these look almost like the iridescent feathers on a bird. I love how the different layers within the image overlap with each other, it creates a great 3D look. If this were mine, I might consider a crop from the top to make the bottom more prominent.

Wow, spectacular! Like Ed, I thought it was bird feathers. Really beautiful.

Stunning color and a wonderful icestract Mark. I agree with Ed on a crop from the top or maybe burning down the top to make it less bright.

Wow, Mark, this is stunningly beautiful. Like Ed, it looks like feathers. I agree too on maybe the top cropped a little just to make the bottom more prominent. Excellent find and captured so well. :+1: :+1:

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At first I too thought these were some iridescent bird feathers. Congrats on some very cool and creative image making!

Mark: What a find and a great capture. I ditto Ed’s comment about it looking like feathers. I guess cold weather does have some redeeming features. Top notch shot. >=))>

That’s amazing. I’ll echo the feather similarity; I like that effect. The colors are gorgeous!

This is so cool.

This is flat out gorgeous, Mark! Another vote for the iridescent bird feathers. Totally amazing what the CPL brought out.