Ice textures

This morning’s ice textures are the best of the season (so far…). This view was set up to maximize the textures also thinking that I might want to go b&w to further emphasize the textures. In the end, I like the subtle colors. (5D3, 100-400 @ 340, 1/20 s, f/13, iso 200, tripod, mirror lock-up, and 2 second timer) This is a 9 shot stack.


Mark, this is one of my favorite ice abstracts ever from you. When I think of your ice images, they are usually full of warm colors or crazy rainbow colors from bi-refringeance. But the very subtle colors of this image work really well to show off the amazing details and textures of this section of ice. There are just so many interesting shapes and texture here, it is a real treat to study them for awhile. Outstanding work on this one.

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Fascinating to compare this to Flight of light fancy. I really enjoy them both; this switched color for texture for interest. These ice images would make a great display in a gallery. I have no suggestions; I think it is great as presented.

Great textures and patterns. I think you could boost the saturation a bit and still keep it nicely understated and realistic. Really well done!

The graphical quality of this image is whats most attractive. I would never have guessed this was ice. The composition is awkward with major lines entering from the edge of the frame, particularly upper right.

Oh my, this is super! It reminds me of a fresh lava flow. I wouldn’t have known it was ice. I love everything about it. The weird color changes give it even more of a surreal air. It might be interesting to boost the saturation, as Harley suggested, just to see what shakes out. But it’s great as presented.