I haven’t posted in Abstract in some time. Mostly working on my technique when I get the chance. This was taken late last year during an incoming tide on the Oregon Coast. I’m finding B&W works for my ICMs…

Type of Critique Requested

  • Emotional: Feedback on the emotional impact and artistic value of the image.

Specific Feedback and Self-Critique

I seem to connect with B&W in my ICMs…For me this is a peaceful, relaxing view of the tide coming in.

Technical Details

600mm, 0.8 sec @ f/11, ISO 125

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Love this! Guess I don’t need to leave a critique, because you already wrote it for me:

Thank you. Ha ha. Seriously though, that is the feeling I get from this. Very calming.

Additionally, I think this is somewhat mysterious or deceptive. That incoming wave and foreground back-wave (if that’s what it’s called…) together look like rolling hills. Could very well be a landscape rather than a seascape.

This works quite nicely. Glad to see this!


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Lon thanks for the comments. I hope to get back to the coast soon to try this some more. Right now my focus is improving my bird in flight technique so I can be better prepared for a week long tour of Malheur Wildlife Refuge during spring migration.


David, I like the simplicity and peacefulness of this, especially since it was taken on the Oregon coast, where I think of much more energetic and crazy waves! But not all waves in Oregon crash violently against rocks!
The basic tones and the ICM taking away any details really distills this to the essence of the wave! Congrats.
Have fun in Malheur!

Very nice, David. I’ve just started to think about doing more abstracts, so I’m not great at talking about them. Since you asked for emotional feedback, I can say that for me, it’s a very peaceful image. I love the softness of the wave. I can imagine sitting on the shore watching this wave come in. Thanks for bringing me to the ocean!

Hi David, I agree with Donna. This one leaves me with a calming and peaceful feeling. The minimalist tones and lines are great. Good job!

@Mark_Muller, @Donna_Callais, and @Alfredo_Mora thank you for the kind comments. Much appreciated.

Mark, I am excited about Malheur, although it’s about 3 months away. :slightly_smiling_face:

Donna, that’s what I felt too. Peaceful. I am still learning ICM so, I find it a lot of fun, but definitely hit or miss.


Not wanting to be repetitive here, David, but I also find your image very peaceful.
However, my main reaction to it is that I hear it, as it takes my mind back to many of our more exposed beaches where there is a loud but soothing tumbling sound of pebbles being drawn along the bottom together as incoming waves suck water back from the shallows. So, a very mindful image. I just love these…that create different emotions for different folks, depending on their earlier strokes (sorry about that!). Cheers.

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