Foggy Pearl Lake

The very cold night time temperatures during the night provided this lovely fog the following morning on Pearl Lake located in the White Mountains of NH. The 80-200 was not long enough for the view I wanted so this wound up being a crop from that particular image.

Specific Feedback Requested

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D800, Nikon 80-200 @ 200 mm, f 16 @ 1/50 sec, ISO 100, cable release & tripod

Ed, this is fine mood, with the touch of lake at the bottom and the fog letting the near shore show while hiding the distance. The glimpses of fall color peeking through are an excellent extra.

Another fine foggy evergreen image, Ed. They really seem to lend themselves well to being photographed in the fog and your choice of composition works very well.

Very nice Ed. I particularly like that the shape of the foreground fog roughly mimics the treeline. No critique here.