Foggy Sunset

Photographed this from a boat on Lake Superior, Michigan. The fog kept coming in from the left making for this rather moody sunset

Specific Feedback Requested

This has not been processed much at all. I do like it as is but could do with other folks views

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
nothing extra-ordinary

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I’m a sucker for fog shots and I like this one but it seems as if it needs a bit of a counter clockwise shift by about 1-2 degrees.

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Very nice! Wonderful light from the fog. I think @chris10 is right about the rotation.

I see 2 dust bunnies and a strange black elongated area on the right border.

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Thanks @chris10 and @Diane_Miller
I saw just 1 major bunny Diane - please let me know what I have missed still

I think these are the ones Diane is speaking of:

I added a Brightness and contrast layer to show a better selection though admittedly, I kind of like the brighter atmosphere…

Karl, I like the composition, it’s nicely balanced both vertically and horizontally. I like the amount of water you have shown. I also think your placement of the sun works really well, with it just ever so slightly off the center.

Similar to @chris10 I would also suggest directionally taking this a bit lighter. Maybe not quite as far as Chris did, but part of the way there. In Chris’s rework I like how the brighter luminosity better shows off the silhouette of the island, and shows a bit more detail in the water texture.

but overall, this a great image with a lot of mood and drama, well done Karl.

Yes, @chris10 found them. I like the darker mood of the original, although it may be technically a little underexposed relative to what we would see, but it certainly is true to the drama of the sun through the fog.

I’m not sure if I would darken just the trees, as they appear to be lightened by lens flare, but maybe it is just the fog.

At any rate, I think it’s a lovely image!

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My sample is at 100% brightness to find those pesky dust bunnies, which as has been pointed out, overly bright but I think there is a brighter balance available to explore if Karl is of a mind to go in that direction.

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@chris10 After I posted my comment, I sort of realized that was maybe what you really did Chris, sorry.

But I think taking this slightly lighter than Karl’s original post is a direction worth exploring.


A wonderful scene caught with good exposure in those conditions.
You might see if you like an alternative crop … with about 10-15% of the top, it has a different feel.

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