Four from 2020

Here are a few images that I enjoyed making and working on that I have not posted in 2020. A couple coastal and a couple pastoral. All within a few miles of home in Southern California. A difficult year but I enjoyed getting out for photography when I could. Enjoyed seeing the images posted on NPN and reading the commentary. Like everyone else, glad to be getting 2020 behind us and moving into a new hopeful 2021. Happy New Year to all !

Los Pinos Potrero

The End of the Line

Fall Textures

Life on the Rock

Hi Stephen, a nice selection from your area! I was born in San Diego (naval base) but grew up here in CT. I think Los Pinos is a good example of an intimate landscape. I’m enjoying the various hues of grasses leading up to the tree line. I would probably wish for that bush to be a bit more off-center.
I like the shoreline shot with the wave action frozen and inclusion of the rocks. Would be even nicer with more rocks included and less water I think.
The Fall photo has a nice combination of subdued greens and browns leading off into the distance, which makes it a very pleasing composition. The branch on the left doesn’t really add to this picturesque scene.
Those rocks are literally covered with life! I think your composition is nicely balanced by the placement of the rocks and its interesting to note that the rocks in the background are more popular accommodations, probably because they remain wetter, longer. Thanks for sharing!

A nicely varied collection of images, Stephen. I’m particularly fond of the last one. It’s one of those images where the viewer keeps discovering new things.

Thanks for the comments and feed back @Jim_Lockhart . Yes, I was not too comfortable with that Sycamore branch and the more I see it the more I don’t like it.

Stephan, this is a fine collection of 2020 images, with a nice variety. Yeah, 2020 has been a difficult year to stay motivated to do nature photography, but at least you are fortunate enough to live some place where you have a nice diversity of locations, and that is reflected in this collection. My favorite is the first image, it looks like the type of place that I could spend hours getting lost in. I love environments like this where you are on the edge of meadow and forest. The subtle green and yellow colors in this image are very appealing to me. My second favorite image is the last one, I like the abstract patterns in the rock created by the sea creatures. Thank you for sharing these images with us.

Stephen, this look like interesting places. I like the breaking surf view. They all look like they were taken under overcast. It would be interesting to compare them under some other lighting conditions, especially some low angle light.

A nice collection of images, Stephen. I like the composition of rocks in the last image. We have all been trapped at home during 2020, but one positive thing is that we have been able to photographically investigate even more our home surroundings, and increase our creativity to find interesting motives. Hopefully, during 2021 we could once again travel to other places!