Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Today morning I took another walk in a nearby forest. My plan was to get to the same spot as a few days ago. But this time I additionally packed my macro lens into the backpack.
So when I passed the oceans of foxgloves lit by the early morning sun, I couldn’t resist.

I took many shots that looked promising when I viewed them on the back screen of the camera. But at home, I realized that the DOF wasn’t as desired… I was shooting with an aperture that was too open almost all the time… lessons learned!!!

Fortunately, this shot was an exception… the DOF was okay and I could combine two different images to make the main blossoms sharp.

It was the first time that I tested this lens in the field. It was a lot of fun and I forgot about the time. I arrived at my originally planned spot much too late.

Specific Feedback

I quite like how this image turned out. I’m not sure about the bright stem in the upper right. Is it too bright? I already burned it quite a bit.
Is there anything that I could improve in post-processing? Any feedback is welcome.

Technical Details

Basic adjustments in LR. Combining two focus layers in PS, some minor cleanup, and dodge and burn.


Jens, these are beautiful. I like how the grass seeds seem to frame the blossoms. I am wondering though if this might better fit into the Flora Category? I’m not familiar with the flower to know it’s size, but with the surroundings around the blooms it feel like they aren’t all that small. If you decide on Flora, if you need help moving it I would be glad to move it for you. I really like the image.

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Hi Shirley,
thank you very much for your feedback.

I just moved the post to the Flora Category.

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This is just cool, Jens! :slight_smile:

I like these flowers for their beauty and It wasn’t until fairly recently that I discovered that they are poisonous, not just certain parts but any part of it is poisonous. :astonished:

I like the natural environment in this image, the crisscross of stems and seeds frame the flower very nicely!

Love the colors, too! :slight_smile:

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Ah, digitalis! Cure or kill for sure. These can be very tall and deep so great job getting a selection of nice focus. Great color and variety of shapes and colors, too. Gentle and refreshing. I like the frame of grasses very much.

Macro lenses have razor thin DOF so you have to manage that for each subject or do stacking, but that would be hard with these guys because they wave around so much. I like the processing.

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Lovely capture, with soft light and good DOF detail – nice job of combining two images. The stem doesn’t bother me, I think because the sharpness is repeated in the tiny seed heads, which are a delightful sprinkle of confetti. The soft leaves provide a lovely base!

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@Merv, @Kris_Smith, @Diane_Miller
Thank you for your feedback and kind comments.

At the weekend I will give it another try. I deleted so many images because they were too blurry.

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Oh me too, me too. Plenty to fill the digital bin, but the more you do it and the more you get to know your lens, the easier it will be. After a decade or so of using my old manual macro lens, I could put it down in front of my subject and it was usually bang on focus for whatever it was. I just knew its range and working distance so well it was second nature.

I have a two-part article about focus stacking (which I will be adding to with flash stacking soon) that starts with field practices and then moves to processing. You can find them linked in our longer stacking conversation, which I really should add to as I’ve found something in my camera I’d overlooked.

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Thank you very much for the links to the focus-stacking articles. Always good to learn new stuff.

Speaking of Focus Stacking, I have found something funny… there are some german guys who created a gigapixel macro panorama shot of a poppy seed roll. It consists of 130,000 individual images:

It’s incredible how far you can zoom in here.