Freeman Patterson - ICM and wild places

I have been racking my brain for over a year trying to remember the name of the photographer that I first saw using intentional camera movement (ICM) and digital multiple exposures.

Freeman Wilford Patterson CM ONB (born September 25, 1937) is a Canadian nature photographer and writer.

Back around 2004 I first came across his work and was impressed by the quiet eloquence of his imagery. With the interest in ICM, minimalism, and unique perspectives on nature photography here at NPN I thought his work would be of great interest.

Freeman Patterson photos

Well into his 80’s he is actively offering workshops in his home area of Shamper’s Bluff, New Brunswick and South Africa.



Images from his blog.

Thanks for sharing this, @Guy_Manning. I met Freeman at a NANPA conference several years ago. He was a gracious enough to sign a few of the books of his, that I had. His book “The Garden” is one of my favorites. He’s a wonderful person and a very creative photographer. I’m not surprised that he’s gotten into ICM and minimalism lately.

Thanks again for sharing.