Fresh Catch

Revisited a friend’s lakeside camp to look for loons and was greeted by a lone loon fishing.

Common Loon, Woodbury, Vermont

500mm f/4
1/1250s @ f/5.6
ISO 1600
-1/3 EV
HH from my kayak.


Great eye level perspective and detail in the bird. The water droplets add the action story. I love it. Loons are one of my favorite birds. Thank you for sharing.

This is an excellent action image of this loon. Superb POV, comp, and splash. The red eye is a plus. Very fine!

Thank you Brian. They are one of my favorites too-thanks for your comments.

Thank you David-hope you’re both well.

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Well, you were rewarded. Way to get down low for this shot in the kayak. Great action shot with the water drops and the prey in it’s mouth plus it’s nice and sharp. Maybe just a little bit tight but a fine image to share with everyone!

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This is awesome Chuck! Love the water droplets it really adds to the action, I’ve seen plenty of shots with loons with a catch but this is the first that I’ve seen with that kind of water explosion. Well done.

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Thanks Nate. This is the first time I’ve seen this behavior as well. Once the fish was caught the bird shook it back and forth-slapping it against the water each go. Reminded me of kingfishers and their prey. Very cool.

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Wonderful splash, Chuck, and a great job on the loon. Looks like an amphibian rather than a fish, but amphibianing ain’t a word.

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Hello Dennis, and thanks for your comments. I sent several images including this one posted here to several biologist that I often work with at the Vermont Center for Ecostudies. I’m hopeful they return my inquiry and I can forward the prey ID to you. As I wrote in response to Nate’s comment I had not seen this behavior before-the smacking of prey against the water-so hopefully I receive an ID and an explanation of the behavior.



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Wonderful action shot with great focus and DOF. I especially like the low perspective. Shooting from a kayak is one of my favorite things!

Lovely action shot! It really captures the time and place. Very aquatic.

Hi Charles
Nice action, detail and exposure. By the way, where do keep your camera when your paddling? I had a hard time keeping a Canon D50 dry when I kayaked.

Hi Peter, I have a Wlderness Commander 120- a wide beam 12foot pontoon-style hull fishing kayak. It’s a very stable platform with a 23”” beam- but strictly a flat water boat. That said, in the right environment it’s an extremely comfortable kayak to photograph from. It has a very comfortable seat and open cockpit, I can place my camera bag or dry bag between my legs-and have plenty of room to maneuver the boat. More importantly I can move my camera rig from side to side with complete stability. In all honesty this boat has allowed me to grab some very neat images.

This is really good stuff, Chuck. I love the portrait and the bird, of course, but the water droplets and its vertical reflections add enormously for me to the image. Cheers, Hans

Hi Chuck

Awesome action shot. The water drops are nice and sharp like the loon. The prey might be a mud puppy which are common in many large lakes with clean water. Well done…Jim

Thanks for your critique Jim, and for your thoughts on a possible prey ID.



Thanks Hans-appreciate your comments.

Hi Charles.
Thanks for the kayak information, happing paddling.

Fine angle and well composed, Chuck. As others have said, the water droplets make this a special image. I also like that the loon was looking a bit in your direction and also the clean view of the eye. Congrats on the EP.