Frost and light on Richea scoparia

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This was a photo I took on a very recent trip to some mountains in Tasmania, where I woke up to everything covered in frost. I came across the Scoparia shrub and its various roots and branches just as its leaves started to catch the rising sun. The juxtaposition between the warm, golden sunlight and the cool frost that covered the bush was what attracted me to this subject. I tried to compose it so that the exposed branches of the bush could be followed by the viewer to explore the rest of the frame, without trying to compete with the light in the image and vice versa. When photographing this subject, I waited until the sun started to illuminate the left side of the frame as well as the right so that it remained balanced, although I am unsure if the significantly larger amount of light on the right of the frame actually is balanced by the left.

Specific Feedback

I would appreciated all feedback, including on the aesthetic qualities of the image, if the juxtaposition between the frost and the light works and creates an interesting subject, as well as if the composition helps achieve this or if it is unbalanced and should be cropped or altered some other way.

Technical Details

Shutter speed: 1/20
ISO: 400

Taken at 24mm

Hi Keenan! I like this image a lot. The warm vs cool colors and the bare branches reaching into the rest of the frame work really well. In my opinion, the cool tones overwhelm warm tones a bit, and the bright yellow in the grass on the left edge distracts a little from the rest of the image. Both issues can be solved by cropping off the left. I think this would make a fine image even better.


I agree with Steve. The slight bit of warm light on the left side is more distracting than balancing. I think I would crop this to a horizontal 4x5 format which offsets the main cool-colored branches and sets a more dynamic flow from the cool colors to the warm branches in the URC. I downloaded and cropped your image. to illustrate what I am talking about.

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Hi Steve, thank you for the feedback! I think you are definitely right about cropping :slight_smile:

Hi Youssef, I like your point about the colors flowing from cool to warm, and the crop you suggested definitely works great, the image feels much more focused. Thank you!

Gorgeous image! I agree with the crop, or perhaps do slightly less and clone out some of the tips. I wonder about slightly taming the brightest warm tones, mostly in the UR corner. Maybe even with a slight desaturation there. This was a wonderful find!

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The silvery tones are striking Keenan. The strong yellow tone in the upper right are a little distracting as others have mentioned. I wonder how this would look like converted to B&W.

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Hi Diane, thank you for the feedback! I have desatured most of the warm tones and reduced the luminance slightly. I think taming the warm tones was a good idea, and the image feels more uniform in terms of saturation now.

Hi Eva, thank you for the feedback! This was my attempt at converting the image to B&W, which definitely looks interesting. I would be curious to get your opinion on it :slight_smile: .

I like it but I also like the color version too. The very bright area in the LR edge is an eye magnet. Burning down the that very bright area may help reduce its pull. I also like the rework of the color version.

The color crop is better, but I find the contrast of colours really jarring.

B&W conversion is superb! Crop is optimal. Would just tone down the HL on the bottom right edge just a tad, but not too much because they provide nice depth to the image.

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Thank you for the feedback Laura :slight_smile:

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Hi Eva, thank you again for the feedback! I will experiment some more with burning down the bright area.