When conditions call for hoarfrost, I’m ready to move quickly as I never know how long it will last. This was a lovely Christmas morning event several years ago that brought a couple hours of delightful photography.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Pentax K200D, 1/500, f/9.5, 300mm, ISO400 with adjustments to tone curves, cropping, sharpening and conversion to B&W in LR


Very cool, John. Not sure if it’s B&W or not, but it sure serves the two tone look. Very mesmerizing.

Looks so delicate. Great job with the overall composition John. Lots of nice details in the image.

Nice John! It feels like a photographic Jackson Pollock.

This is the kind of scene that will be very difficult to compose, so I feel more lenient towards it. However, that one open corner in the top right is throwing off the balance a bit by drawing attention to itself. I would try cropping or warping it out so that it mimics the other three corners of the scene.

Actually after looking longer I feel like you could do a 4:5 crop and lose some of the left side as well as the right and it will fill the frame more evenly. Definitely worth trying.

This is just a quick screenshot but something like this could be nice

Wow, this is super cool - and actually, I guess due to the high contrast, I don’t get a temperature sense of cool, even though I knonw it’s hoar frost. But it doesn’t matter if it makes me feel cold or not, this is just wondeful! There are some main, sweeping lines of the larger branches (twigs I guess really…) that are almost like caligraphy - yet the whole canvas is full of the contrasting details. Love it!

I do agree with Eric on the URC, and in addition to that you could include a crop that excluded the denser hoar frost along the top left of center; IMHO, that denser area is just a little bit different than the rest. For sure, numerous ways to crop and present this - none of which are right or wrong of course.


This is SUPER cool (no pun intended)…
I love the contrast here and that you can see the texture of the ice.