Fun Wide Open

I love fast prime lenses because of the wonderful separation you can get. Here the lantern is sharp but almost everything else is nicely out of focus. The lantern is the subject and the background is much less distracting.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments appreciated. This was a test shot with a new lens, so nothing too artistic, really.

Technical Details

56mm (85 equiv) f/1.2, 1/60 sec @ f/1.2, ISO 125. Handheld.


David, this worked out really nice. The clinging leaf was a plus too… :+1:
On the subject, I actually have a lens that was designed by Mamiya as a wedding photographers “soft” focus usage. I’ve used it at times for outdoor scene items such as this with some success… :sunglasses:

Really nice, David. The o closing of the rhododendron trunks (I think?) adds to this. We get both a sense of context and isolation, and the hole in the lantern is a window into a different dimension. The black and white treatment simplifies it well also.

I might be inclined to crop just above the foliage to eliminate the stems or trunks leaving the top frame? Not sure it would improve it, but it’s worth looking at.

If you don’t think this is artistic, you need to take down your shingle!! This is wonderful!!! Great seeing, great photographing and great processing! Looks like a great place to hang out in varying light, with wonderful possibilities!

I like this! It’s fun, it’s simple but it looks really great. I like how you composed this so that the pagoda (is that what those are called?) fits so perfectly under that tree limb.

This is so GOOD! I love everything about it, David. Your use of a fast prime was a great choices and boy, did it blur everything except your intended lantern. f/1.2! That’s fast. Your use of black and white really makes this stand out. The only thing I see is the very dark black blob in the LLC that keeps pulling my eye but easy enough to fix and the road behind the lantern that might be just a smidgen too bright… Super creative and print worthy for sure. LOVING this one!

@Paul_Breitkreuz, @Marylynne_Diggs, @Tom_Nevesely @David_Haynes , and @Diane_Miller thank you for the great comments. I do appreciate them and apologize for the delayed response.

Paul, that soft focus lens would be a blast for this kind of shot.
Marylynne, thanks for the comment on crop, I will look at that as a way of simplifying the image.

Diane, thank you, as I am now retired I don’t have any shingle hanging anwhere… :slightly_smiling_face:

Tom thank you.

David H, I had not noticed the black blob in the LLC. Will take care of that. Thank you.