Garden Spider + Repost

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any Canon 5DMkIII, 180 Macro Lens, 1/125, f 5, iso 1000. Caught by the vibrant colors. Not a stack.

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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John Wayne: I suspect this was a bear to shoot. Looking at your techs you must not have had much light to work with. It really needs more DOF but if its like any spider I’ve shot there is just not enough calm or stillness to allow a small aperture or even consider a stack. With this I might be tempted to crop much tighter and eliminate a lot of the OOF elements. That abdomen color pattern is the star of the show and that looks good. Nice find and a fine effort. >=))>

Thanks Bill, agree with your suggestions. I sometimes think these spiders like to grab the web in an effort to see how much they can bounce .

Repost to crop more and clean up errant web and hair ghosting on upper legs as suggested. Thanks for your kind suggestions, Bill.

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John Wayne, I like the repost best. I can’t tell that you cropped it any, but darkening the spider up a bit sure shows the colors of his abdomen, and as Bill said, that is the star of the show. I will add “repost” to your title so others will know that you have made changes.

Love the repost. what a dramatic change with darkening and cropping. Love the colors and patterns on its abdomen. Somehow the depth seems to have improved with darkening by bringing out contrast.

John Wayne, this is a really nice tight view of this spider. The extra work on the repost helps a lot.

Thanks to all, comments and suggestions are appreciated and helps me advance in my process. Just finished cataract surgery on both eyes and hopefully the post processing of my photos will improve. Noticed that the white balance was off substantially on previous work and sharpness was off when shooting in manual camera mode. No excuse for composition, however.

John Wayne: Congrats on the repost and on the cataract surgery. Your comment about the white balance is interesting. Cataracts tint our natural lens yellow/amber depending on how advanced they are. I always enjoy the sense of revelation my patients experience after the first surgery. Because we can’t show them ahead of time what to expect and most cataracts change so slowly and our brains are so good at adapting, many folks really don’t know what they’re missing. Enjoy your new eyes! >=))>