Gentle reflections

This was one of those magical instances on the edges of a small river where the water was moving slightly while also reflecting the soft clouds and sky; the image was made slightly out of focus to both sky and water.

Specific Feedback Requested

any and all

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Pentax, 1/250, f/5.6, 300mm, ISO1600, misc. minor adjustments in LR


Really, really nice, John. The combination of colour, motion, light and shadow, plus the dappling of the clouds create an outstanding, evocative abstract. There’s quite a bit of noise but I actually like it in this image. Well seen.

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Oooh, very nice! I love the gentle colors and soft ripples. Very atmospheric.

How do you export your files? The size of this is rather small (277KB), and I think that’s why it looks noisy. I think we could appreciate it more if it was of higher resolution (the pixel width looks fine).

Different and very interesting!! I love it! Soft colors and intriguing shapes to keep interest.

Thanks. That’s interesting as it is a jpg 1.5mb in size with 144x144 resolution and 1344x1038 dimensions. This is an older image made with a Pentax *ist DS camera (6meg). Given that the 300mm lens was fully extended, I was not surprised by the noise and always felt it was just a contributing part of the image. When I find the original file, I’ll see what I can do to lessen that and appreciate your thoughts.

@JohnSnell This is a really nice abstract image. I kept seeing it on the page and thinking that it is quite unique and pretty. I would not have figured out what it was, although when I viewed it larger I could make out the clouds in the sky. I appreciate a different way of seeing this. I’m sure I would have missed it.

I’m glad you are enjoying this one! These weekly challenges for me have been fun to look back over some images with a new eye, and any feedback is appreciated.

Hmm, the version I’m seeing is only 277KB in size (the dimensions show when I hover my cursor over the image). All your posts are very small (your latest, with the little reeds) is only 76KB. I’m sure they would look far better if the files were larger. I don’t think NPN reduces the size, as I just checked one of my posts, and the file sizes are as I saved from PS.