Ghostly Grand

Sony A700
Minolta 20mm
ISO 250, 30 secs @ f4
I have done very little night photography but one of the rare opportunities I’ve had was in October 2012. I attended a medical conference in Phoenix, spent a couple days with my oldest son in Scottsdale and then did a quick whirlwind tour of the Grand Canyon. On either the first or second night there was a full moon lighting up the canyon and a prescribed burn on the North Rim provided the smoke. This was taken from Mather Point and it was a little eerie having the place completely to myself. The little meteor streak was icing on the cake. All comments welcome. >=))>

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This is really neat, Bill. The smoke adds a lot to the image and I like the sky. Exposure is perfect.

Really very nice photo Bill. Love the meteor streak.

Bill, I remember this view. It’s a great view, with the smoke filled canyon, lots of ridges, and the stars in the sky. The meteor streak is a fine extra. I also see what I think is an airplane track in the lower right sky and I’m totally intrigued by the “lights” in the bottom of the canyon that look to be human related.

Mark: I think the lights are Phantom Ranch. Not sure if the streak on the right is a plane or another meteor. I had not noticed it before.