This was actually the first image I captured at Beaver Dam Pond on that wonderful morning with the mist gliding across the water. The dead tree next to the beaver lodge caught my eye right away. Mike and I got there 15 minutes before sunrise so I needed the long exposure which smoothed out the mist imparting a beautiful ephemeral mood to the scene. I decided to go with the cool tones because it fit the mood I was going for. This was originally a horizontal which I decided to crop to what you see here. As always thanks for taking a look and leaving a thought.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

All C&C welcome

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

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Nikon D800, Nikon 80-200 @ 200 mm, f 18 @ 13 sec, ISO 400, cable release & tripod

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Ed, I love what the really long exposure did to the mist, the water looks like porcelain. There must have been zero wind, with a 13 second exposure I’m surprised the trees turned out as sharp as they did. I also like the WB you used here, the cool tones look very natural for pre-sunrise light, and create a nice mood. No nits from me, this works very well as presented.

Ed, I really like the choices of the vertical presentation and the long exposure on the fog! Also the bare tree definitely grabs the eye in good way! One nit would be to try to move the tree off center, but that depends on what you have on either side to work with. I assume you chose this as the best option given the what you had to work with.

Beautiful light and wonderful textures here. The rising mist makes the image for me.

I am a little on the fence with the snag being centered, but it still works. I might be tempted to pull down the cyan just a bit, but this works well as presented.

The various colors of the trees are fabulous.

Beautiful Ed. You know, often times a lone snag like this might be a distraction… but you expertly made the tree the center of attention and you did so by centering and creating some horizontal symmetry. The misty reflection only adds to this. I think this is quite excellent and kudos for making use of what could be a distracting, unbalance item if framed differently.


Ed, this looks really good to me. I like the centered tree. With all the other trees in the image, it works well for me. Great mood, great color.

This is exquisite, Ed. The composition works great for me and I have no issues with the centered tree. Processing looks good but at least for me (and I checked on two different monitors) the foreground water/mist is too bright. I would move the exposure down by ~.2 to .3.