Golden-crowned Sparrow

The cherry trees are in bloom and the birds perch on the branches between trips to the feeders.

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Pertinent technical details or techniques:

Canon 7DII; Sigma 150-600 at 600 mm; 1/1000 at f8.0, -1/3 EV; ISO 1250


Very appropriate setting for the spring. This Golden crowned sparrow stands out nicely against the out of focus background. The perch works well. I like the head turn. Nice job.

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Interesting that your Golden-crowns are still here as well. I saw one yesterday and they usually seem to have disappeared by now. A beautiful shot with an awesome background.

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Down here it’s usually around May1st that they take off. It’s curious some of them don’t breed in the northwest, as according to the range map they do breed in southern British Columbia.

Allen, this is a beautiful setting for this little guy’s portrait! He posed nicely for you as well.

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Lovely BG with great colors for the bird. Nice light and a relaxed pose with good detail. A bit more canvas on the right would feel good, to me, along with a dose of NR.

The branch is so prominent it is a bit static. The bird seems to be leaning a bit to our left, so if this is a crop you could rotate a little CW and get a bit more angle to the branch.

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Not a bird we have in this part of the world. Good details and bg, and a nice perch.

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