Golden leaves

Losing my golden
To make the roots warmer
In a cold winter

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Hi Ben! A very unique, interesting image, and I like it! There’s so much going on with the large foreground leaves and the many twisted branches - Eye candy all around. The light is excellent. Well done!

Really am enjoying all of the character in the trees and the wonderful color Ben. Beautiful fall photo!

Excellent, Ben. Way to think outside the box.

The composition is just stunning here. Amazing eye, Ben. Super super lovely.

Ben: Great POV and perspective. A frame filling beauty. >=))>

Quite a unique POV. I’ll have to steal this idea sometime LOL.

Ben, those three front leaves and the twisted trunk have an outstanding presence here. The details throughout the larger view make for delightful viewing. The thin line of oof along the top makes it clear that this is a well conceived composite.

The twist in tree comp is excellent and sets up the oak leaves beautifully. Is this an HDR? It is a bit too surreal looking IMHO; perhaps a bit too saturated? Wonderful composition.

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Must be a focus stack.

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@Igor_Doncov, @Bill_Fach, @Adhika_Lie, @Michael_Lowe, @linda_mellor, @Steve_Kennedy, @Mark_Seaver, @Larry_Greenbaum.
Thank you all again for your inspiring comments. After @Igor_Doncov mentioned the stack( well seen Igor). I saw that the leaves in front were not that sharp on the edges, because of the 3 image stack and the wind. And @Larry_Greenbaum, No, it isn’t an HDR. I just gave the leaves in front a more golden look and thereby a little saturation, to let them stand out.
I learned to be careful with stacking images made in windy weather.