Golden Plover

Taken in Iceland June 2021. These birds can be somewhat elusive. Rain drops removed.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
iso 2500, 400 plus 1.4X, f8, 2000th, cloudy and raining. 8% (or 4.15 out of 50 MP) of full frame.

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What a beauty and you’ve shown off the reason they’re called that really well. The colors are rich and you can see how easily they blend with their environment. Good sharpness and pose.

These are great birds - I love how they cheep to each other in flocks. For the weather conditions and the large crop, this has come out really well. I especially like the environmental details, David. Nice shot!

A great low angle, David. The mosses and lichens really add a sense of habitat to this image. Well done.

Beautiful plumage,pose and eye to eye contact . I like the crispness of the foreground moss as well.

Nice pose-head turn seems just right- and the colors of the Plover pop. I like the foreground as well-sets the scene nicely.

Lovely! The next great example of a color-coordinated environment. (Guess that helps survival.)

Hello, David. Another wonderful shot from Iceland, on the thumb it was clear to me that it’s on Iceland, and that it was yours, so hey - so much for signatures :wink: … Love the wat you included the typical habitat ! Love it. Hans