Golden Silk Spider

This is a repost of one from the old NPN site. These gals are my favorite of the large spiders in my neck of the woods. It’s always a fun challenge for me doing closeup work with long glass, having to deal with the DOF restrictions (and advantages) with a single frame, getting a decent background and hoping the right light and exposure are in my favor at the moment. All the while trusting that the slightest breath of breeze doesn’t ruin it. Slight crop from full frame in natural light.

Canon 7D Mk II, 100-400 II @350, Wimberley I
ISO 400 1/125 f/7.1 +2/3EV

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Any additional comments are always welcome.

Absolutely awesome, Bill! The detail in the spider is amazingly sharp. I will have to try my 7D Mk II and 100-400 lens for close-ups. You are right, the slightest breeze can be an issue.

Terrific image…Not only a great spider but a very nice BG to go with.

Exquisite and graceful. I love the soft background colors, the diagonal webs, and the beautiful sweep of the lower legs. Marvelous image.

Bill: I remember this one and still like it a lot. I especially like the BG and that the web shows up so nicely against it. :+1::+1:>=))>