Gone Fishing!

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


Forster’s terns were actively fishing in some of the impoundments near the Lake Erie shoreline. I was surprised that I was able to capture this one. I always use a tripod when shooting with the 600mm and it does limit one’s success with fast moving subjects.

Specific Feedback

The crop is extensive–Would you prefer less space at the top?

Technical Details

Z9 600mm f4 fill flash at -2.0ev (00sec at 8.0, ISO 1000) Levels, Topaz DeNoise AI, 70% crop.

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Hearkening back to my teenage years, you could have called this one Built for Speed! Look at that adaptation! Really amazing and what a catch. Great job with all the techs needed to get ready and then I imagine the 100s of photos that went straight into the bin. I can only imagine how heavy that lens is so a tripod or at least a monopod is understandable. And a flash, too. How well does it keep up cycling? Just curious because I might try it with the hummies, but haven’t yet.

Thank you @_Kris . I am using a Nikon SB-5000 flash and with an external battery and it can handle recycling fast enough for multiple images in burst mode. Flash had a minimal effect at this distance, but enough to keep everything balanced in the exposure.

Jim, what a shot! It looks like it would break it’s neck on impact, but they don’t and they usually come away with their catch. I haven’t tried using a flash for a shot like this. I can understand using a tripod for that heavy lens and flash.

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What a great catch Jim! Excellent timing! I like Kris’s comment on the tern’s adaptation. Your capture is a great display of the tern’s diving form. Very good detail and exposure, and I like the reflection too. Well done!

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Excellent, Jim. I love the look of the dive and the amount of canvas on top doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t have thought of using flash for a shot like this-excellent idea and at -2EV it shouldn’t be drawing a lot of power.

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Hi Jim
Each time I leave the house to photograph birds, I hope to add a shot like this to my top ten photographs.
Thank you for bring this photograph to us.


Thank you @_Kris , @Shirley_Freeman , @Steve_Kennedy , @Dennis_Plank , and @peter for your comments and critiques. The tern did capture a minnow from this dive and gobbled it down while flying away. Probably one of the best shots showing the field marks of a Forster’s tern…Jim

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