Gray Fox Kit

What technical feedback would you like if any? Any/All

What artistic feedback would you like if any? Any/All

Any pertinent technical details: This is one of 5 Gray Fox kits I was fortunate to capture off of the deck of a friend that had spotted the active den. I used my D500, Nikon 2-500mm. 1/2000th, f/7.1, ISO 6400, 500mm, tripod/gimbal head, cropped to 2234 x 1638

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

I like the way the fox is obviously interested in something besides you, Dave, and the setting is great. When I looked at the larger image, there were some “smeary” looking areas in the fur and rocks that looked like they might have come from processing. Did the RAW file look sharp throughout?

There were some way outta focus foreground grasses and weeds in front of it. I think that’s what’s causing the blur on the fur texture. When I first got to the vicinity of the den 5 of these little cuties came boiling out of their den in the rocks as if on queue for me. Here’s a real “heartbreaker” shot I got… if only the focus/DOF was right. Sigh.

I’d like to begin by saying I think this is a wonderful image and I would certainly enjoy the chance to photograph something such as this. I will just mention one thing that seems noticeable to me and that is that there is a shadow cast across part of the face and body. My eyes drawn to the shadow and it would be nice if it were lessened or we’re not there. But that doesn’t lessen the impact of the image and I do sincerely enjoy this post.

Just to be clear I am talking about the first image post at top.

I’d probably be happy with either of these images, Dave, since I’ve never had the chance at one, let alone five of these. The one you just posted with the four kits would make a perfect base for a little photo art work. It already has a very painterly look in the smaller image and that could be carried into a larger one. I even see a little fox face in the rock in the extreme lower left that could be played with.