Grazing bison....

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


I found this guy on my way up to get some photos of the snow… he was in the lower elevations grazing big time. Further up the road snowy mountains and the road was questionable. He knew what he was doing heading down south… :slight_smile:

Specific Feedback

Well I took this from my car on the side of the road… so didn’t really pay close attention to my settings, etc. I did do a little editing in light room…not much. He is one big guy.

Technical Details

Nikon Z9 , 400mm from the 100-400mm, iso 200, 1/200, f 5.6

Wow! He is huge. Nice detail throughout on this one Sue. I like the perspective looking up at him. I would like to see a little bit more of him, e.g. hind leg, and maybe a bit more of the sky on top. I know you were probably going for the “huge” impact and you got that. Maybe just a bit less might give us more on this one.

Wonderful opportunity but I find the crop / composition awkward. I would crop off he hump at the top, at minimum. I think you could have another look at the initial crop. There is also a very odd look here, like negative clarity. It is definitely a pet peeve of mine, but it completely trashes tonalities by flattening out some of the natural transitions. If you are looking to soften harsh light there are better ways.

He was right along the road on a hill and I was in a car that lower than he was… so no sky and actually I did n’t crop it… he was that close. It was fun being so close but I also had the wrong lens… 400mm. So I was close. I do have a close up of his head I will post later that I did crop. I would have liked to see the sky and more background too on this one.

Actually I didn’t crop this… He was right along the road on a hill. I was below him looking up from my car. I should have maybe used a different lens … but I didn’t crop this photo. I have a photo of just his head that I did crop… and it came out good. It was just a fun photo on my way down from Ted Turner’s ranch.

How did you get a square aspect ratio from a Z9? Does it have some sort of in-camera cropping? If so, doesn’t that limit you to a JPEG? I would hate to throw away the flexibility of a full-frame raw file that I could manipulate later.

JEEZ … I just looked… I did take some of the right side out as it was all rock and not interesting.

Here’s another one of him from a different view and this one I did not crop!

Remember I am just taking ths from my car and he is right across the road from me.

Much better! Would be nice if you have leeway to bring down the Highlights more.

Another issue with the first one is that the camera was way off of level, giving the animal a strange lean. Looks like you “leveled the horizon” on the sloping hillside, and even overcompensated Easy to do when handholding in a hurry. You could try some CCW rotation and crop further from the left side – the half leg is an awkward cut.