Great Blue Heron in the Tide Flats

Not sure it fits the challenge but the Tide Flats at Valdez, Alaska can be quite swampy. This Great Blue Heron was roaming through on a rare visit.

Sony a6500, SEL100400 w/1.4TC @ 560mm, ISO-800, f/8.0, 1/640, hand held.

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Gary, My tendency is to take an expansive view of the WC topic, thus I think this fits. While the work Swamp conjures up images of the Southern wetlands with slowly flowing, shallow waters and lots of Bald Cypress, I think that the slow flowing, shallow description fits with lots of other places, such as tidal flats, where you’d better be very careful about were you step or you might sink up to your waist…

The Heron stands out very well in this image. I also like the sharp, tall grass stems behind it. This is a good behavior shot.

Excellent light in detail. I like the composition. I suppose if I was going to do anything, I would clone away the grass coming out of the head of the Heron.