Great Egret Nest

Another scene from the rookeries of Louisiana. One of the chicks with a crawfish. Early morning light.

I cropped this tight due to the obstructions I was shooting around to view the nest.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

Canon 90D, Sigma 150-600 C, monopod
ISO 640, f7.1, 1/400s


Wow! What an amazing sight! The babies look just like miniature versions of the adult, just really disheveled!

Nicely done given the situation - way to overcome and still have a good image in the end. All four birds are reasonably sharp and those difficult whites look realistic. The crayfish is a great addition, although, ew. Yuk. It’s interesting that Egret nests are so much smaller than GBH nests. At least this one is. Great find.

Oh wow, this is fantastic, Allen. What an excellent behavior shot. The light is quite nice too.

Hi Allen
I will trade one day at a city Eagle nest for a day in Louisiana Egret rookery, that had to a lot of fun.
The family is nicely tuck in and even arrange by hight, very nice photography.

Nice photo. Very clear details. I like the way all the birds are posed the same.

Allen, this is a wonderful family portrait of these Egrets. I think you could probably sell her a printed copy to hang on the tree, but of course, she would have to pay you in crayfish! :grinning: Outstanding shot.

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Holy Cow!! This is SO wonderful!!! Poses, setting, action, light – it’s all there in spades!

I wonder if the distractions on the edges could possibly provide some framing, or be mitigated by some judicious cloning or blurring? The crop feels a bit tight for such an otherwise amazing image!

Lake Martin?

Simply gorgeous Allen. There are a few things that make this really good. First, you have really soft light and with white birds it makes all the difference. Second, you have mom with the whole family and all three of the chicks heads are clearly visible. Third, all of the birds are facing the same way. It’s as if someone is directing them out of view to say cheese and look over here. Fourth, the crawdad is the icing on the proverbial cake. I’m not thrilled with the crop but you did what you had to do to get the shot and it’s totally understandable with these nest locations. I might clone the stick out in the ULC and also the wishbone looking branch at the very bottom center of the frame. Otherwise, This is so good.

Hi Diane, this was at PJF Farm at Cazan Lake.

Beautiful, Allen. All the characters are in such crisp focus and so well positioned, and the light is superb. If this isn’t intended for entry in a competition that outlaws all cloning, you might remove a few twigs entering the frame edges and the bright one in the lower right, but this is just wonderful as posted.

Stunning image! One of your best. I do agree about cloning away some of the extraneous branches.