Greater Roadrunner Portrait

What is the image about, what does it mean to you, and what motivated you to make it?

I captured this Greater Roadrunner on a trip to Arizona early this year.

Equipment information:

Canon 7D2, EF 100-400 vII

Camera settings:

ISO 200, f10, 1/640

What specific feedback would you like?

I cannot decide on the composition on this one. Would moving the head to the right improve this?

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Matt: First a lovely image of this guy. Nice and sharp, great background for this species.
I would not move the head to the right as that would cause the line of the body to either go completely into the LR corner or if moved further, exit the right side of the frame. I think the position of the body helps the overall comp and the head does not feel centered (you didn’t say that, but I’m assuming you were thinking it based on your question).

A lovely shot indeed, Matt. I agree with Keith on the composition. Wonderful complimentary background for this guy too. Nice shot.

I like this as posted Matt-wonderfully composed.

Fine image and composition as posted, Matt. I would keep the bird where it is in the frame. Excellent light and background to complement this portrait.

Excellent detail and background. I like the pose but a head turn slightly to the left would improve it. I really like your chosen aperture and the way it affected the detail in the creamy background.

Matt, it’s really nice that you were so close. Those I’ve seen are always long gone before I can even frame them. I think your aperture was well chosen to get all the bird in focus. As to framing, it looks good to me horizontally, but I would probably prefer a bit more room above. You don’t mention focal length. I’d be curious to know if there’s more negative space zoomed out a bit?

Hi Matt,

Very nice image–I especially like the details in the dark crest. Well done:sunglasses:…Jim

Beautiful Roadrunner portrait, Matt, with perfect color and saturation. I see Keith’s point on the body exiting the frame on the right, but I do think it would benefit from having a bit taken off that side. Alternatively, You could add some on the left and just a touch on the top.

Glad to see you on the new site.

This is gorgeous, just as posted. I wouldn’t change anything.

I agree with Kathy here Matt-I won’t touch the composition. Well done

Must have missed this one… Just superb. I am not sure I have seen another close-up look this good.