Greater Roadrunner

Another image from our Christmas trip to Bosque. This greater roadrunner was one of a pair foraging late in the afternoon. It was crossing the road back and forth, often going between vehicles that had stopped to watch some cranes. I was able to get some good closeups, and liked this image for both the head-turn, and the raised tail and crest. I didn’t realize they had patches of blue in their crest (not sure if it was the light).

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

600mm+tripod on ground level, 1/2000s@F8, ISO500, full-frame

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

A very nice pose, Govind. It’s always amazing to me how so many people at places like Bosque get focused on the major species and seem to ignore everything else. I think I’d desaturate the background quite a bit. It may be accurate, but it just looks too gaudy for my taste.

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Thanks for the feedback, Dennis. I didn’t add too much saturation to the original, but perhaps that is too high Here’s a more desaturated version. Let me know if this looks better.

This looks better to my eye, Govind. It must have been some really late light to put that much glow on the background.

Love the detail and color you magaged to bring out Govind, especially the color in the tail. I think following Dennis’ suggestions renders a better image. Nice shot.

Always love seeing roadrunners, and I really like the iridescence in the crest and the tail. Bird is very sharp. I agree with Dennis regarding the background. I’d also crop about 80% of the road off, and I think the image would be improved if the roadrunner had turned its head to the right so that its eye is not partially in shadow .

Very nice subject and the repost looks good.
Maybe just a tad off the bottom.

Hi Govind,

Your repost is improved over your original. The tail is very nice and a great bird for your photography skills…Jim

Complimentary background colors and nice angle of light to show off that iridescence on the tail. Normally I would try and avoid including manmade objects like a road, but hey this is a ROAD runner.

Thank you all for your feedback. I wasn’t sure if I should take out the road as I thought it would make this too tight. Looks like I might take out at least part of it.

David: Never thought of that!