Green Tree Frog

We toured a swamp in northwest Tennessee and came across these tree frogs on blades of tall grass. It was quite cool so these frogs were slow moving and let us take a few pics.

Canon 7D2, 24-105L IS
ISO 640, f8, 1/80s, hand held from boat

Any comments appreciated.

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Allen: We have a few of these little guys show up in our garden from time to time and I always like shooting them. I especially like the environment you have here and the clarity of the eye. Top notch shot. :+1: :+1:>=))>

Great shot, Allen. I like the different shades of green. He even looks like he could be a bit chilly, the way he is sitting. We have some of these in NC, and they can be very tiny. I am guessing this one is, seeing that he seems to be on a blade of grass. Nice capture.

Allen, this is a fine look at the little frog in it’s environment. The various shades of green work well.