Greylag Goose Head and Neck

I just like this photo I took of a Greylag, Head and Neck close up in a local Lake.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D7500 Tamron 300mm Lens, 500s speed ? aperture, but I wanted close focus

Hi Dave. I like the composition of the portrait and at normal viewing size it looks nice and sharp. When I clicked on the large image to see what you actually uploaded, it looked as if it wasn’t quite sharp at 100%, but it was through out the image, so I suspect it may have been a shutter speed issue.

Was this a domesticated bird? I’m curious as to why you posted it in Man and Fauna instead of Avian?

I clicked the wrong section , simple as that

Love the portrait - beautiful colors - perhaps a bit soft as Dennis points out. Tried Topaz Sharpen AI on the bird itself ?
And was this in Iceland ? I have one from Flatey

Thanks for the comments re sharpness, I have re looked at the image and do agree. As for location it was a local lake in the UK