Hall's Falls

Description:Waterfall in eastern Tasmania

Specific Feedback Requested: All comments welcome.

Pertinent technical details or techniques: Converted to black and white and local tonal adjustments in Lightroom.

Is this a composite? No

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Anthony, this is such a great scene. The bright, beautiful, flowing water is velvety and gorgeous. Then the dark rocks perfectly add a frame, and their detail looks really good against the soft water. Very nice!

Beautiful image, Anthony! I really like it in black and white!

This looks really good, Anthony. I really like the image and the conversion works quite well. I might clean up some of the bright white bits here and there, especially along the edge in the LRC, but really minor. Quite nice.

Anthony, the strong contrast really shows of the falls well. You’ve got a fine mix of “water curtain” and structure in the falls. Personally, I’d like to see a bit detail more in the rocks on the left at the bottom to balance the bright rocks on the right. I like the big visual curve of the rocks leading in from the top left, the falls and the nice bit of glow in the rocks on the right.

@Mark_Muller @Vanessa_Hill @Harley_Goldman
Thanks for all your comments. Will look at the edge bright spots and lift the shadows slightly in the lower left rocks as suggested.