Hanging Rock - Blue Mountains NSW Australia

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What artistic feedback would you like if any?


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A very nice image Jean-Claude. I have the feeling of depth from this image. Nicely processed.

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Thank you very much Rob, I really appreciate your comments.

Jean-Claude, welcome to NPN and a very nice first post. I have not seen this type of scenery from Australia and it is quite beautiful. I like the strong leading lines in this scene and the light on the point of rock and the far ridge really takes this wonderful scene up a notch . I think the processing is handled quite well given the sky and range of light were given. You did not mention any technical details in your post and it looks as if either the wind or other issue created a little softness on the LLC bush. That is a minor issue but that bush is a bit of a magnet for my eye. I also might try this as a pano crop by removing about half of the sky.
Nicely done and I look forward to seeing more of your work!

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Hi Alan, thank you every much for your comments. You’re right I omitted to mention technical details. It was a very windy day and I was quite exposed. I might try this as a panoramic crop as you suggested. Thanks again.

Very inspiring landscape and location! Love the warm low angle light brushing the cliffs. I love the colors. For developing, I feel like some of the shadows are a bit muddy and I’d probably darken around the edges and lighten toward the center a bit (vignetting and center lighting). I can see that your camera placement options at the edge of the cliff were likely limited, but compositionally I find myself wanting to move the camera left so that the prominent point of rock separates from the background cliffs and protrudes further into the open space on the right.

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Wonderful scenery and great lighting. I went ahead and made a few lightroom adjustments.

With an adjustment brush I increased the exposure and shadows in the middle of the shot. and darkened the edges a bit.
I decreased the yellow saturation in HSL.
Cropped to emphasize the jutting rock cliff.

As is it’s a beautiful shot but hopefully you found something useful in there.


Welcome to the network Jean-Claude, this is one of my favourite spots in the blueys!

I think you captured the scale of the place well. And there was nice light on that afternoon.

On the processesing on my screen it looks like some of the orange tones are too saturated. Specifically just below the cliff line on hanging rock the colour is coming across fluorescent on an iPhone

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Hi Sean,

Thanks a lot for your advise, I really appreciate. I have another shot of the cliff where I’ve moved more to the left but I’m still working on the image.
By the way I’m a big fan of your work.

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Hi Blake,

I really like the way you have cropped the image, as you said it’s help to emphasize the cliff. Thanks

That cliff is fantastic! I really like what Blake did with it too; as noted it emphasizes the best part.

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Welcome to NPN! What a grand first post!

I really had to stuff your original post. Not being familiar with the location and no reference I couldn’t really tell if this rock was sticking out, what was behind it, etc. The large view helped this come in to focus and for sure Blake’s edit really nailed, in my view.

My main feedback and for both versions actually, is that to my eye, the shadows up the canyon beyond the rock/cliff lean a little blue. Less so in Blakes edit. Not really an issue per se, but something to consider.

We look forward to more of your work and participation.


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