Hardy Water Lilies

Taken @ Longwood Gardens, PA

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I am glad one of us came away with something this nice from that trip as I know I got skunked. The post looks to be tack sharp and the color palette with the greens and picks is lovely. I particularly like the water tension around some of the lily pads. No suggestions from me.

Thanks @Ed_Lowe. I told you I only got one ok shot and this was it.

If this was the only good image that I got from a trip, I’d still be very happy about taking the trip. What a fortuitous arrangement of the three lotus flowers, especially having one not fully open yet to counterbalance the other two. Your processing looks good, I especially like the green and yellow tones in the pads, those colors look perfect. Overall I like this image a lot, it’s very colorful and crisp looking (mean that in a good way).

This is one of those images where the interaction of elements with the frame edges is critical, it would be very easy to end up with distractions along the edges. I think you did a very good job of dealing with, especially in the corners (I like the way the curled up one in the LRC points inward). My only nit in this regard is the center pad at the top, the tips at the top of the V are brushing the frame edge, I might crop in slightly from the top. I might also burn the two curled ones in the LRC, especially the lower one. And there is a bright patch at the top to the right of the V. Some subtle tweaks like this will take this already great image up another notch.

I like the colours mix in this shot Michael. The Magenta and greens against an almost black pond give the image pop.

Nice work Michael. I especially like the colors of the flowers. Ours are always yellow here in the Cascades.

What interesting lily pads. I’ve never seen them with mottled leaves and flowers here in California. The smooth textures are so great - the subtle light is perfect. My only nit is that brownish dry spot of the leaf that hits the top edge about 1/3 of the way from the URC. It’s rather light and the sharply defined u-shape of the water interface is distinctive. Otherwise, very cool.