Harlequin Ducks in LeHardy Rapids

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There were a number of these Harlequins “surfing” and hanging out in Yellowstone’s LeHardy Rapids. This pair was the closest and resting on rocks towards the bottom of the rapids, making for a nice view of them in their normal environment.

Technical Details

R5, 100-500 @ 500, 1/1600 s, f/11, iso 400, tripod


Very cool, Mark. I really need to go looking for this species. It looks like they hang out in interesting territory. The rapids make an awesome background.

Hi Mark, really nice capture - great to get both birds sharp and I like your portrayal of the water also. Terrific to see this environment. Nice selection on the aperture and shutter speed. Well done.

Wonderful, Mark. This is the exact scenery one would wish for this species, as it’s a 100% their habitat ! Well done ! Hans

Hi Mark
The Harlequins look like they’re waiting for the water to stop before moving on. This is one of Natures challenges, a true window in a Harlequin Duck life. Nice work.

Deja vu. I did a double take on this one. I have an almost identical photo from the same rapids from about 10 years ago. Yours is much better. Must be the camera and lens, right? :grinning:
Like the detail in the ducks and the texture in the water. Nice one.
@Dennis_Plank : In the winter months there are usually a fair number of Harlequin Ducks around the south jetty in Newport, should you get down this way.