Heading for the Next Flower

Our Blooming Pear Trees have bloomed out, but the weather has been very windy, so much so that even the bees didn’t come out for the pollen, until yesterday when we had a bit less wind. It was just so much fun to get out into the yard and try to get some shots of the bees in flight. This isn’t anything spectacular, I know, but just good to have something to submit.

I decided to also download some images of birds I had on another camera because a beautiful female Cardinal was perched in the Blooming Pear Tree beside our house, so I took a few (what looked to be wonderful shots) through the window. Well, I forgot that LR now has a “Done” button (I haven’t figured out it’s purpose) where Import used to be. I must have clicked it, went outside shot a few bee shots, came in, pulled the memory card out, put it in the camera and formatted it. Then I discovered that I didn’t have my Cardinal shot!!! Maybe she will come back.

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything. I’m just glad to have something to post.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Canon 5D IV, Canon 70-200 2.8 lens at 190 mm with a 21 mm extension tube, f5, 1/3200, ISO 250 (auto ISO, everything else manual), HH. Edited in LR and cropped to help remove some of the distractions.

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Fantastic, Shirley. The detail in the bee is outstanding! Love how the oof background set him off. Wish we had flower buds. . .but not quite yet! So glad you’ve gotten time to be out and enjoy the weather and the bees. Sorry to here about the LR issue. Will definitely keep an eye out for that problem!

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Shirley, this is exceptional! I love the comp. Great capture on the bee too. Even the background compliments the scene. Well done.

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Shirley, this sings of spring. How nice that you’ve got some spring and could get out and enjoy it. The bee is so sharp, plus being “just about to land”. We had a blooming pear, but the MD winters were too cold. Sorry about the lost Cardinal shot.

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A beautiful capture of the bee, in a lovely setting!! I might consider cropping a little off the left, with so much visual weight toward the right.

Sympathies about the lost images. There are those of us who have, and the rest who will…

I had never noticed that Done button before – in the LR of the import screen, to the left of Cancel and Import! Don’t know if it is new, but hovering on it, it says it saves the Import settings, but as you saw, it quits the Import screen. I’m not sure I see the point…

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Wow Shirley that is a wonderful and sharp photo of this bee. The sharp flower near the bee and the others being softer created a great composition. The background helps bring focus on the bee and the flower. The Done in LRC was added because sometimes users go into the import and creates import presets and just want to exit. I do click it by mistake sometime and do not import anything so I am more careful now.

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