Heartleaf Dream

I enjoy this particularly delicately leaved and flowered whenever I see it, usually shaded by Ponderosa pine. I think it is Heartleaf Arnica.

Technical Notes – I applied an Orton effect to most of the blossoms; without that, the scene was quite busy.
To get the leaves this color of green in sRGB, matching nature and my wide gamut monitor, I had to add a lot of blue .

Any feedback most welcome

Dick: I’ve looked at this quite a bit. I certainly like what your Orton effect produced. My issues are primarily with the comp as I wish there was a flower or two in lower left quadrant. This does look like a tough scene to compose but this does work for me. >=))>

I haven’t seen the orton effect for a while and it does enhance the scene. Your choice of composition works well. Another possible composition would be a pano crop which eliminates the two flowers on the bottom.