Heck Why Not

For those of you that dont know me all too well, I shoot a aspen trees A LOT…:slight_smile: I shoot em in Spring, winter and Fall. Not too much summer though.

Heres one from June, nothing spectacular here, but I liked the tree density and the after sunset light was really nice to work with in post.

I personally like the scene. How does the web sharpening feel?

Thanks for the input…

It feels a little soft to me overall, and the flowers seem to have a glowing halo around them, maybe a bit too much orton? I like the scene overall though, you really captured the feeling of the dense aspen forests that I love.

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Thanks David, its funny how the sharpening brought out a slight halo around the flowers. I did add a slight blur, maybe not Slight enough LOL. Good call

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hows this feel?

It still seems soft to me, maybe it’s just the small size you posted?

its the same size as the first one…1200 across.

A beautiful scene to me. Living in the south my entire life, I’ve never seen aspens in real life so I love images of them. The density is indeed amazing, and the color and texture of the trees is wonderful. I can’t really comment on the sharpening or halos because by this time at night (11:26 pm here) my eyes are pretty well shot. The second image looked better to me, but I did think the whites in the flowers looks overexposed but that might just be the halos David is talking about. I’ll try to check it out again tomorrow with fresher eyes.

I like the image. It is composed well. I have tried to shoot these kinds of images of aspen and have never been satisfied with them. As for the two image: the first one has a more of a painterly feeling to me, a little soft yes yet pleasing. The second is more crisp and clean. As I have looked at them I think I like the first on better.

Kane, my preference is for the noticeably increased definition of the foreground leaves and flower heads in the revision.

Kane, I have the same love for aspens! I really like this image and like Doug prefer the sharper second version. To me, the flower heads are a little bright and tend to grab my attention.

This is really nice! I think I like the first version. I might back off the blur a bit, but leave some. It gives it a nice painterly look and a bit more sense of mystery.

Thanks for all the feedback. All of your comments count to me. Gives me better idea of the members tolerance for Painterly/Blurred images here. I don’t do a lot of them but i personally appreciate the softer style occasionally with certain scenes.

Very well composed image. I struggle with aspens and never get anything this nice. My personal preference is more toward the first image. I like the ethereal feel the slight blur gives to this scene.