Hi key, hi iso Crow Portrait

Taken last year. Crow plumage is very difficult to get correct. Hope I did it justice.

Specific Feedback Requested


Technical Details

ISO 12,800, 400+ 2X, F7 .1, 3200th, A7r4

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Looks great to me!! I always have trouble deciding how much detail black plumage should have. Looks like you nailed it here!

I think that you got it captured very well. This photo shows the quieter side of a crow being a crow. Well done…Jim

Love corvids, but not many people appreciate or photograph them. The feather detail looks terrific, very glossy and intense. I’d have been tempted to add more texture or clarity in the feathers, but I think I like this smoother look. The white background brings an element of austerity to the portrait, something I often associate with crows. Whenever I see a few of them marching around, I think of church deacons disapproving everything they see. Nicely done!

“Thus Quoth the Raven.” I know it’s not a Raven, but that line came to me as I looked at the image. Love the B&W treatment, David. This works on all levels.